Comprehensive Protection: Great American Assurance

Protect your heavy equipment and streamline claims

In collaboration with the Great American Insurance Group, Eqpme introduces a specialized optional Loss Damage Waiver program. Offer your rental equipment the protective shield it deserves while out on rent, covering it against most common damages.

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Damage Protection while on Rent

Purchasing an LDW from Great American covers most unforeseen incidents your heavy equipment might encounter, from accidental damage to theft, vandalism, and fire. Equip your rentals with a tailored shield designed for the rigorous demands of the construction rental world. Note: Always refer to specifics to ensure your scenario is covered.

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Built-In Transaction Flow

Expedites your heavy equipment rental transactions with click-button protection at check-out.

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Streamlined Claims via Great American

In case of unfortunate events, trust in Great American's renowned claims processing. It's not just about speed; it's about clarity, transparency & efficiency.

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