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    Rent from local business owners

    Find local contractors & equipment Owners in your area looking to rent underutilized equipment to get your job done. We make it easy & simple to rent online with your credit card and deal directly with the Owner. Never fill out a credit application again.

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    Start by searching our marketplace in your area by machine, weight and location. Find the perfect piece of equipment for your job. Simply check availability, add attachments, choose transportation and book your rental with the click of a button. Enjoy transparent pricing.

    Rental Process

    Once your rental request is accepted by the Owner, you will have a direct line of contact. You’ll also have a stress-free rental, receiving alerts & notifications along the way. Then we’ll coordinate payment to the Owner on your behalf after your rental experience.


    Fast Payments, Secure Rentals

    Interested in maximizing your utilization & gaining new market share? Join our growing community of rental houses, dealers and contractors. We are building the single largest repository of rental equipment in North America with over $150 million worth of equipment to choose from.

    Total rental control

    Your business, your way. Be in the driver’s seat throughout the entire rental process by accepting or declining rental requests, controlling your rental rates, offering transportation and onboarding attachments that are plug-and-play.

    Stop chasing your money

    Get paid in up to 10 business days. Eqpme offers you peace of mind with secure & encrypted payments direct to your bank account.

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