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    Rent construction equipment anytime, anywhere from local contractors & rental houses.

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    Find equipment nearby and explore options around you.

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  • Rent from local business owners

    Find local business contractors & owners in your area that are looking to rent their parked and underutilized equipment to get your job done. We make it easy and simple to rent!

    Browse Nearby Equipment

    Start by searching in your area by machine, weight, and location. Find the perfect piece of equipment, simply check availability, add attachments, choose transportation, and book it! Get a simple breakdown of the costs with no surprises.

    Rental Process

    Once your rental is accepted by the owner, you will have a direct line of contact. Making the rental stress-free, while getting alerts and notifications along the way. We'll handle the payment to the owner after your experience.

    Rent securely and get paid fast

    Is your equipment collecting dust? Start creating more money today, join hundreds of owners and contractors in our growing community. We have over 100 million dollars worth of equipment to choose from. Create new connections today!

    List for free and get ready for requests

    As an owner, you can accept or decline rental requests, offer transportation for your rentals, and onboard attachments for your machines. Once you accept a rental, you’ll have direct access to the renter in our messaging center, while receiving updates on the go, throughout the entire rental.

    Never worry about a missing payment

    We know that collecting money can be difficult. Eqpme uses the latest and most secure payment system to help you get paid fast.

  • You have questions. We have answers.

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