Frequently Asked Questions

1.) Can I book a rental completely online?

Absolutely! With Eqpme, you can fully book any piece of equipment or attachment with a few clicks of a button. You’re connected directly with the Owner to expedite securing the rental equipment. Chat with us directly from the homepage on the right-hand side if you have any questions!

2.) Does Eqpme offer insurance?

No, Eqpme does not offer insurance. We solely make connections between Owners and Customers. Each entity is independently responsible for their own insurance. Speak to your insurance broker today to learn about the best insurance options that fit your needs. To learn more, click here.

3.) How much does it cost to list equipment?

To get things started, simply sign up for an account to list your up to 10 pieces of equipment on Eqpme for free! Got more equipment? No worries. Visit our Pro page to explore the paid options that are available to you. Curious about what equipment is eligible on our Platform? Click on Equipment Criteria to learn more.

4.) Does Eqpme charge tax?

Eqpme is not a taxing authority! We do, however, abide by all local governmental laws which may require us to collect taxes where applicable in connection with Transactions that are completed through any of our Services. Importantly, as an Owner, it is ultimately your responsibility to calculate and remit the proper taxes owing to local governmental authorities from any Transactions completed through our Services. Please refer to Section 15.5  of the Terms of Service for more information.

5.)What kind of payments are accepted?

All major credit and debit cards are accepted when completing Transactions on Eqpme, such as: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB and more.

6.) What if I can’t find the equipment and/or attachment I need?

Fear not, simply call our Toll Free Number +1 888 470-3773 or reach out to to connect with one of our equipment specialists who will help you with your procurement needs. Our Platform is expanding across North America to offer new equipment inventory and category offerings to keep your job site moving.

Did you know that you can also rent attachments on a standalone basis through Eqpme? That’s right.

7.) Can I offer transportation with my rental?

100%. Eqpme was built by industry professionals who understand your business. Owners have the ability to enable multiple types of transportation options for their rental transactions and set their own transportation rates which the Customer can view in advance of the Transaction being completed. We’re here to deliver practical solutions to take your business to the next level.

8.) What makes Eqpme different from others?

Where do we begin? For starters, Eqpme is the world’s first combined equipment marketplace and software-as-a-service provider that serves the needs of both Owners (rental houses and dealers) and Customers (renters, construction companies and do-it-yourself (DIY) warriors) in complementary ways.

Our equipment marketplace itself is also unique in that it combines:

  1. the traditional hallmarks of an online marketplace with Owners listing equipment for rental and sourcing Customers, with
  2. a reverse online marketplace where Customers can request equipment they need and Owners may capture hot leads on our exclusive Rental Board.

The Rental Board is available for Owners who are part of our paid subscription service and opportunities are allocated based on a tiered-priority system.

We have designed our entire Platform to deliver total control to both Owners and Customers throughout the Transaction experience. Our business is to facilitate connections and streamline the entire equipment rental journey to save both sides time and money.