Komatsu PC350LC-8
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Komatsu PC350LC-8

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About this equipment

The Komatsu PC350LC-8 excavator is a 30+ Ton heavy-duty machine powered by a diesel engine. This equipment​,​ manufactured by Komatsu​,​ is typically used for large-scale earth moving​,​ construction​,​ mining​,​ and other similar heavy-duty applications. Specifications: - Manufacturer: Komatsu - Series: PC350LC-8 - Engine Power: 246.5 HP - Operating Weight: 78​,​485 lbs (35​,​610 kgs) - Power Source: Diesel - Fuel Tank Capacity: 158.5 gallons - Bucket Capacity: 1.6 - 2.5 cubic yards - Maximum Digging Depth: 24.8 feet (7.57 meters) - Maximum Reach at Ground Level: 36.1 feet (11.01 meters) - Overall Length: 33.4 feet (10.18 meters) - Width: 11.2 feet (3.41 meters) - Height: 11 feet (3.35 meters) - Emission Standard: Tier III. Please bear in mind that these specifications can change based on any additional attachments or modifications added to the excavator.

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Please note if the machine comes back without a full tank or you’re over the stated amount of hours for daily use. Additional charges may apply once the rental is completed. Hour overages will be calculated based on the price per day divided by the hours that are over the daily limit.

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