John Deere 135G
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Heavy Iron Plant
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John Deere 135G

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About this equipment

Great machine and ready for rent! Request one today. Reduced Tail-Swing Design. Whether up against a wall or between a rock and a hard place​,​ this close-quarter specialist makes it all look pretty easy. Engine. FT4​/​Stage IV engine requires no diesel particulate filter (DPF). Extended service intervals help maximize uptime. A highly efficient heavy-duty cooling system keeps things cool​,​ even in tough environments or high altitudes. Cool-on-demand suction-type fan helps reduce material buildup and maintenance. Ergonomically correct short-throw pilot levers provide smooth​,​ precise fingertip control with less movement and effort. Sliding switch provides proportional speed control. Press the power-boost button on the right-hand control for extra digging power. Power boost also kicks in automatically in boom-up​/​lifting functions. Three productivity modes allow you to choose the digging style that fits the job: High-productivity delivers more power and faster hydraulic response to move more material. Power delivers a balance of power​,​ speed​,​ and fuel economy for normal operation. Economy limits top speed and helps save fuel. Hood design​,​ expansive front and side glass​,​ narrow front cab posts​,​ overhead glass​,​ numerous mirrors and standard rearview camera provide optimal visibility.

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Standard bucket with teeth comes with rental.

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Please note if the machine comes back without a full tank or you’re over the stated amount of hours for daily use. Additional charges may apply once the rental is completed. Hour overages will be calculated based on the price per day divided by the hours that are over the daily limit.

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