Why Heavy Equipment Owners Should Chose Eqpme for Listing Equipment Rentals - Part 2

Benefits of Listing on Eqpme

Listing your heavy equipment on Eqpme can benefit you in many ways. Firstly, it is an easy and efficient process to list your earthmoving equipment for rent online. Secondly, the platform ensures fast payments and a streamlined checkout process that saves time for both owners and renters.

Listing your heavy equipment on Eqpme can lead to Owners expanding business reaches with new customers, easily finding them online & have optional access to ecommerce solutions.

Easy Equipment Listing

Listing your heavy equipment on Eqpme's online marketplace is a breeze. The user-friendly interface allows for easy equipment listing, so you can generate revenue and maximize profits quickly. There are no hidden fees or charges, making it an affordable option for all owners of heavy machinery to list their equipment rentals with confidence.

As an owner of heavy equipment looking to rent out your machines, this platform provides the perfect solution to increase sales while reducing the time spent managing jobs.

Benefits include:

  • User-friendly interface for equipment listing
  • No hidden fees or charges

To get started on Eqpme, heavy equipment owners need to create an account and verify their information. Once that's done, adding equipment descriptions is a breeze. It's important to provide accurate details about your equipment, since it helps renters find exactly what they're looking for.

Don't forget to include specifications and attachments as well as any transportation options you offer. Set your pricing and availability so that renters know what they're getting into when renting from you. Lastly, make sure to follow the guidelines when taking photos of your equipment - great pictures can help increase interest from potential renters!

Adding Specifications and Attachments

Once you've added the description of your heavy equipment, don't forget to include all specifications such as model, year, and capacity. This information will help potential renters determine if your equipment meets their needs.

In addition to clear photographs from all angles of the machine itself, consider adding any additional attachments or accessories that come with the machine so renters can see what's included. Here are some tips for adding specifications and attachments:

  • List all technical details such as make/model/year/capacity
  • Include clear photos of the equipment from various angles
  • Add additional attachments or accessories that come with the machine

By providing accurate information about your heavy equipment on Eqpme, you'll increase its visibility and attract more potential renters looking for specific features in their rental search.

Offering Transportation and Setting Pricing

When listing your heavy equipment on Eqpme, you have the option to offer transportation or set up a renter pickup system. Consider which option is best for you and your renters. Additionally, setting competitive pricing based on market rates in your area can help attract renters and generate revenue. Don't forget to include any discounts or promotions to further entice potential renters.

To ensure that you're setting fair prices, take into account similar machines in your area by doing some research online or speaking with industry professionals. Offering discounts for longer rental periods could also be an effective way to encourage more bookings.

Eqpme's platform makes it easy for owners to manage their listings and payments while providing a secure online process for all parties involved.

  • Choose between owner transport or renter pickup options
  • Set competitive pricing based on local market rates
  • Include discounts and promotions to attract renters

Fast Payments and Streamlined Online Checkout

As a heavy equipment owner, you want to make sure that your rental process is hassle-free and efficient. That's why Eqpme offers automated payment processing for easy rentals, multiple payment options including all major credit & debit cards, and real-time booking confirmations.

Eqpme understands the importance of streamlining the online checkout process for owners.

Benefits that Heavy Equipment Owners can enjoy with Eqpme include:

  • Automated Payment Processing for Hassle-Free Rentals
  • Multiple Payment Options with all major Credit & Debit Cards
  • Real-Time Booking Confirmations & Notification Updates

By choosing Eqpme as your preferred heavy machinery marketplace provider, you are leveraging an advanced technology solution to save you time and money, so you can focus on your operators, maintenance & repairs, financing of new machinery, or negotiations with dealers and manufacturers. 

Don't let outdated processes hold back your rental business - choose Eqpme today!


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