Owners of Heavy Equipment for Rent: Protect Your Assets with LDW

What is LDW?

LDW, or Loss Damage Waiver, is a protection program offered by Great American Insurance Group through Eqpme's platform to owners of heavy equipment for rent. This program provides physical damage protection for your equipment while it is out on rental agreements. The LDW offers coverage against accidental events such as fire, smoke, power surge and vandalism but not when the equipment is not on a rental contract. It's a fast and easy claims process that focuses on quick settlement, so you can expedite your rentals without having to worry about major losses due to unforeseen accidents or thefts.

Physical Damage Protection

Physical damage protection is crucial for construction businesses that rent out heavy equipment. LDW or Loss Damage Waiver, offered by Great American Insurance Group through Eqpme's platform, provides physical damage coverage while the equipment is on rental contracts. It protects owners from accidental events like vandalism, rollover and power surge but does not cover gradual deterioration damages resulting from wear and tear. Having an LDW agreement in place, such as with Great American, means expedited claims processing and quick settlement, saving time and hassle for everyone involved. While LDW provides excellent physical damage protection, it's important to remember that wear and tear is not included in this coverage.

How LDW Helps Equipment Owners

LDW offers equipment owners protection against physical damages caused by accidental events while their equipment is rented out. Through Great American Insurance Group, LDW ensures quick and easy claims settlement for hazards like theft, vandalism, submersion, fire and smoke among others. With this coverage included at check-out on Eqpme's marketplace platform, you can have peace of mind knowing your assets are protected during rentals without added hassle or stress.

Quick Claims Settlement

Quick claims settlement is crucial for owners of heavy equipment for rent, as it ensures minimal downtime and maximum profitability. A LDW with Great American can help expedite the claims process by providing physical damage protection for your equipment while it's on rental through Eqpme's marketplace platform. With a fast and easy claims process focused on quick settlement, LDW has successfully settled numerous claim cases in a timely manner, protecting owners' assets from hazards such as accidental damage, theft, vandalism and more. Don't let unexpected events bring your business to a halt - protect your equipment with Great American Insurance Group's LDW today!

Hazards Covered by LDW

LDW provides protection for your heavy equipment against accidental damage and other sudden hazards, such as fire and smoke, hail, power surge, submersion, vandalism, burglary, flood, lightning strikes or windstorms. However, it does not cover wear-and-tear or gradual deterioration damages that may occur over time by poor contractors, operators, DIY individuals or lack of maintenance. Protect your assets by using Great American Insurance Group's LDW while your equipment is on rent from Eqpme's platform, ensuring peace of mind for you as an owner of the heavy equipment rental, it's worth the price.

Accidental Damage

Accidental damage is any physical harm to equipment that happens unexpectedly or unintentionally. As an owner of heavy equipment for rent, it's crucial to protect your assets from potential accidents, to be profitable on the projects your equipment is used for.

The LDW provides coverage against accidental damages while your equipment is out on rental contracts with Eqpme's marketplace platform. This means you have the tools you need to maximize profits, and not have to worry about expensive repair costs if something goes wrong during a rental period.

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