Heavy Equipment Tech Start-up Receives U.S. Patent for Dynamic Interaction in Augmented Reality


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Heavy Equipment Tech Start-up Receives U.S. Patent for Dynamic Interaction in Augmented Reality

NAPLES, FL, July 14, 2023 - Eqpme, a start-up that develops cutting-edge technology for the construction equipment industry, announced today that it has been granted a U.S. patent for its innovative augmented reality solution. The patent covers dynamic interaction with machinery in an augmented reality environment.

The utility patent is applicable to machinery of any kind in augmented reality involving substitution of attachments and spatial boundary limitation detection. Leveraging this new technology in the equipment space, for example, will lead to improved efficiencies and decision-making options throughout the equipment industry, in particular to rental customers.

"Eqpme is proud to receive this patent, which validates our strategy, innovation and leadership in the technology space over and above our state-of-the-art product offerings" said Matthew Presta, COO of Eqpme. "We believe that our augmented reality solution will revolutionize the way machinery is procured, delivered and utilized providing end-users a degree of confidence in entering into rental transactions and making big ticket purchases like never before."

Eqpme has filed a U.S. continuation application to expand its claim scope and is pursuing filings to protect its intellectual property globally. The start-up welcomes any potential collaboration opportunities with technology partners, machinery manufacturers and equipment owners on its marketplace and e-commerce platform who may wish to explore this innovative solution.

About Eqpme

Eqpme is the world’s first combined online equipment marketplace and SaaS eCommerce solution provider. As a start-up, the company develops cutting-edge technology specializing in the heavy equipment rental industry. Co-founded in 2020, Eqpme aims to improve the efficiency of the heavy equipment industry through innovative e-commerce solutions, and now expanding to the machinery augmented reality space. For more information, contact COO Matthew Presta:, visit, & follow @eqpme on LinkedIn.


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