4 Things to Know About Construction Technology

A change that has been in the works for many years now is the use of construction technology. What is there to know about construction tech and the future of it in this industry? Read on to learn four key points.

1. AR Enhances Construction

Augmented reality (AR) is taking its path in construction technology. Construction professionals can use this technology to look at a job site in real-time while additional information gets laid out for them.

The best use for AR construction tech is to display building plans on a wall. In addition to showing building plans, the other uses for AR technology in construction include:

  • Automating measurements
  • Visualizing modifications
  • Providing safety information

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to use a headset to enjoy AR technology. Tablets are also capable of using AR to benefit the construction industry.

2. Wearable Technology Is on the Rise

Construction has always been one of the most dangerous industries to work in, despite consistent safety recommendations. Wearable technology is already available, but we can expect to see more construction equipment like this in the future.

If you aren’t already on top of the construction industry trends, it’s time to learn about smart boots, the smart hard hat, and power gloves. Each is a smart piece of personal safety equipment to help workers avoid danger on site.

Smart boots can detect when a worker is at risk of colliding with nearby construction by equipping vehicles with sensors. A smart hard hat can prevent sleepy workers from injury by sensing their brainwaves.

Construction workers deal with overusing their bodies. To combat this, power gloves are made to increase strength and dexterity.

3. Avoiding Overuse of the Body

Like power gloves, there are other pieces of equipment that help workers avoid overusing their bodies we expect to see in the future of construction.

Construction exoskeletons are wearable machines that provide support when a worker bends, grabs, or lifts something. This technology started in rehabilitation programs but is gaining attention in construction.

Currently, back support exosuits, crouch support exosuits, and shoulder support exosuits are being used in the construction industry.

4. Deals With Labor Shortage

Construction robots have always been used in the industry for different types of projects. You might rent heavy equipment like this often. Now, designs are being created specifically to deal with the labor shortage issue that the industry faces.

Factory robots help perform repetitive and simple manufacturing tasks while collaborative robots are used to ease the burden on the human body.

In the future, we expect to see fully autonomous robots that can scan the environment and perform tasks without the help of an outsider. None of these robots are widely used in the construction industry yet.

The Future of Construction Technology Is Bright

There is still a need for construction workers as technology is still ways off from taking over the industry completely. However, the future of construction technology is bright and plans are designed to benefit workers more than anything.

Construction technology can be complicated to understand, but knowing these four things allows you to create expectations for the future.

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