How the Construction Industry Adapted During a Pandemic

The construction industry has weathered the COVID-19 pandemic significantly better than other sectors. In a few areas, the government deemed construction work to be non-essential and paused projects. But in most areas, projects were allowed to continue, and new ones begin with strict, new measures in place.

With the long-term impacts still unclear, the construction industry has adapted to the many changes brought about by the pandemic through innovation and digitization. Our company Eqpme — pronounced as ‘Equip-me’ — has identified and developed a customized equipment rental solution that reflects the new reality and provides opportunities for businesses to resume and prosper.

Who Is Eqpme?

Eqpme is an online heavy-equipment rental marketplace that connects dependable equipment owners directly with prospective renters. Eqpme removes a physical point-of-contact by cutting out the middleman while providing exceptional customer service. With no membership fees or subscriptions, customers can enjoy access to privately-owned equipment rentals with Eqpme.

How Does It Work?

The founders of Eqpme have years of experience in construction and technology-related fields. They have developed North America’s best online solution for a peer-to-peer construction equipment rental marketplace. With an easy-to-use and secure website, we provide a reliable and seamless way to arrange heavy equipment rentals directly with approved owners or to list operational equipment available to rent.

From cranes to articulating trucks, and rough terrain forklifts to caterpillar rentals, Eqpme has an extensive range of diverse heavy construction equipment available to rent locally.


As the world’s largest marketplace for diverse heavy construction equipment, we help construction project managers or owners, landscapers, and builders find local businesses that want to rent their operational equipment. We give renters the confidence and freedom to choose equipment from a broad and diverse selection and interact with local businesses.

Renters search our extensive list of construction equipment, enter their location, and get access to photos and details of what’s available and when. We include a breakdown of all rates and make it easy to book the available equipment. We let renters and owners arrange transportation, and then we handle the payment to the owner after the rental period has transpired.


Owners of heavy construction equipment can list their operational equipment for free on Eqpme’s professional website. We give owners the flexibility and freedom to control their availability, rental rates, and transportation. We have a list of equipment criteria to make it easy for them to know which equipment is eligible for listing. All equipment must be insured and safely maintained, and vendors must have approved ownership documentation.

Eqpme offers a Premium Owner program that spotlights and rewards the most experienced and highest-rated owners on our platform. With no fee or application needed, Premium Owners qualify by consistently providing top-tier experiences to their renters. These owners will automatically receive Premium Owner status and enjoy exclusive perks for their outstanding performance.

Eqpme’s goal is to provide business owners with new revenue streams. Renters can start searching for their heavy equipment rentals from real owners and find nearby equipment by exploring options in their community.

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