How Often Should You Service Your Material Handling Equipment?

Forklifts, trucks, pallet jacks, order pickers — these are just some of the material handling equipment that you use to keep your fleet going strong. You need all of them to be in top form so that you can continue to turn in maximum delivery services. This is also true if you plan on selling them whenever you upgrade to new equipment.

However, every piece of equipment needs service eventually, and the use of your heavy equipment means that servicing needs to happen constantly to keep all of your tools in top form.

That said, when should you service your equipment? Is there any set time for you to conduct maintenance? This article shows you some tips on when and how to service your machinery, so read on to find out more!

How Often Should Your Material Handling Equipment Be Serviced?

As with most things involving a time frame, how often you should service your equipment is largely determined by how much it’s being used. In general, equipment that’s not used as often can wait longer for a maintenance check than equipment that’s used frequently.

However, all equipment gets used and will eventually need servicing, so sooner or later you’ll have to look into getting a maintenance job done. Here are a few deciding factors you can use to determine when and how often you should take care of your equipment.

The intensity of the Job

Knowing how to maintain your equipment starts with knowing how often serving is needed. Different equipment tends to work jobs that offer differing levels of intensity. The more tasks that your equipment has to complete, the more frequently you should conduct servicing.

The Type of Job Completed

Is your equipment used to take on general heavy lifting tasks? Do you use it for construction work? Or are there other projects that you use the equipment for? Each type of task places specific strains on the equipment you use, so make sure your heavy equipment or construction equipment maintenance is specific to your needs.

Check Computer Systems

Servicing your heavy equipment doesn’t only involve the mechanical parts. Most new equipment uses a computer system to help it run, and there’s a good chance you may need to regularly check these parts to make sure your equipment stays accurate.

Storing/Transportation of Equipment

One of the most common mistakes in servicing your equipment is forgetting to store it. The way that you store and handle your material handling equipment also factors into how often you do maintenance. If your equipment is stored and handled properly, you can hold off on maintenance considerably longer than someone who didn’t concern themselves with these things.

Ultimately, created a scheduled maintenance routine — perhaps every few months — is the best way to make sure your equipment continues to run at its best. Make sure to take care of your equipment today!

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