Construction Workers: A Guide to Construction Health and Safety on the Job Site

Construction is one of the hottest sectors in the North American economy. In Canada, the construction industry is more than 1.2 million workers deep.

There is significant growth in the United States as well. The number of construction workers is forecasted to rise by 4% over the next 8 years. This is a faster growth rate than Gross Domestic Product and will add nearly 300,000 jobs over this period.

With so many open jobs, many construction workers will report to a site for the first time. Read on for a comprehensive guide to construction health and safety. Explore how to be prepared for your first day on a construction site.

Prepare Beforehand

Do not show up to your first day unprepared. Instead, ask your site foreman what you need to bring on your first day.

Put a list together of items you need and pack it the day before work. This list may include specific tools required for the job. It is also likely to include safety wear such as gloves, eye wear, and steel-toed boots.

Depending on your role, you may need to arrange for certain equipment on the construction site. Consider searching for rental equipment in advance of your first day to be prepared.

Some work sites require a parking or visitor’s pass. You may need to pack a lunch if there are no local dining options.

Arrive Early

First impressions are everything on a construction site. The last thing you want to do is arrive late for work on the first day. The best strategy is to plan for early arrival.

Build some time into your commute for unexpected delays. You do not want a traffic jam to result in tardiness.

Also, there is the potential that you do not find the job site easily on the first day. Leaving early gives you extra time in case something goes awry.

Stay Engaged

To help make a good impression, try to stay engaged on the first day. Make sure to listen carefully as the foreman walks you through the job site. Take mental notes so that you truly absorb the information.

It is highly recommended to find a shadow. This is a more experienced person that can show you the ropes on the first day.

Also, make sure to ask questions if you are uncertain about something. Construction site safety is paramount and it is important to avoid mistakes when possible.

There are very few foremen that appreciate a know-it-all employee. Asking questions shows you are humble and willing to learn.

Show the foreman that you have a positive attitude and are willing to work hard. Respond affirmatively and promptly to any requests made by senior employees.

A Guide to Construction Health and Safety on Day 1

The first day on a construction site is a nerve-racking ordeal. You are entering a new environment and there is plenty of pressure.

You can eliminate a lot of worries simply by preparing. Do not be afraid to ask questions and show up on time. This will make for a good impression with the foreman.

If you need an equipment rental to promote construction health and safety at your job site, contact us today to speak with an associate.

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