5 Benefits to Renting Heavy Equipment for Your Next Big Project

Construction jobs require a lot of different equipment and services can range from manufacturing to mining and more. Keep reading and we will walk you through the five benefits of renting heavy equipment for your next big project.

No Initial Purchase Cost

When you’re looking at a heavy equipment rental, one of the main benefits is you avoid the very expensive purchase cost. Working in construction, you’ll do many different projects with a range of budgets, and this can help you save money.

If you buy the heavy equipment, you’re locked down to that equipment and you may not need it for other jobs. You should consider construction equipment rental because you will have more flexibility with your money in the rental marketplace.

For example, on average it costs around $400 to rent a forklift. In comparison to buying one that costs anywhere from $30,000-$45,000 and that doesn’t include the battery or charger.

Less Maintenance and Repair

Heavy-duty equipment needs to be maintained, especially if you want it to last a long time. If you own equipment, you will be accountable for regular maintenance and repair costs.

When you rent equipment it will lead to fewer costs. The maintenance and repair costs for heavy construction equipment are lower and you can budget for it.

Avoid Depreciation

When you own heavy equipment, the upfront purchase is expensive. You also have to consider maintenance and repairs so you can eventually resell.

The longer you have the equipment and the heavy equipment parts are used during projects, the value will continue to depreciate. Then it will be hard for you to get back your investment.

Project-by-Project Basis

You will get a variety of projects working in construction and each will require specific equipment. Instead of buying the equipment that you will need to maintain and move from each job, you can rent specific heavy-duty pieces based on each job.

This allows for you to get exactly what you need for each project, keep a strict budget, and get the job done efficiently. Eqpme is an equipment tech rental company that allows you to rent or list construction equipment directly on their website, and you can see how it works here.

No Need for Heavy Equipment Storage

Heavy-duty construction needs to have a large place for storage that keeps it away from any harsh weather conditions and allows for you to have easy access to them as well. Long-term storage is expensive, so this saves you time and money for storage.

Start Renting Construction Equipment

Now that you know the five benefits of renting heavy equipment, you can check out what pieces you can try renting for your next construction project.

Renting helps save money on initial purchase cost, maintenance and repair, storage, will help avoid the decrease in value, and will help keep the budget strict and projects efficiently getting the exact equipment you need.

Start making a list of what you need for your next construction project or check out the rental management company, Eqpme’s FAQ, to learn about what you can rent and their prices.


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